University Scholarship

The Dick Thornburgh Papers and Forum for Law and Public Policy

Dick Thornburgh, former Governor of Pennsylvania, Attorney General of the United States under Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, donated the magnificent archival collection of his personal papers to the University of Pittsburgh.

The collection of papers, photographs, videos, and memorabilia provides important insights into Pennsylvania and American history as well as opportunities for scholars to research issues of leadership and public policy development. The collection is held in the Archives Service Center, within the University Library System.

In 2007, the Dick Thornburgh Forum for Law and Public Policy was established to foster public education and civic action on important public policy issues, building on Thornburgh’s legacy by creating a framework for advancing his vision of creating effective and principled governance.  The forum, which has received generous financial support, also makes possible fellowships and grants to faculty, students, and others to conduct research and develop curriculum at the Dick Thornburgh Archives.