University Scholarship

The Mark A. Nordenberg Scholarship

In November 2012, the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees announced that they had established a scholarship fund in honor of Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg, and agreed to also name the new undergraduate dormitory that was then under construction Mark A. Nordenberg Hall. Income from this fund will assist the University in its efforts to recruit, enroll, retain, and graduate highly motivated and academically superior undergraduate students. This endowment will fund scholarship-eligible students who have the opportunity to participate in the many programs, courses, and activities offered by the University. Students awarded scholarships will be among the most qualified applicants in any given year.

Chancellor Nordenberg earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Thiel College in 1970. He subsequently earned his juris doctorate in 1973 from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Nordenberg joined the University of Pittsburgh as a faculty member of the School of Law in 1977. He served as Dean of Law from 1985 until 1993. During his tenure, Nordenberg earned an enviable reputation for his administrative skills and understanding of the legal education and profession. He was recognized for his talent both by the law students who awarded him the Excellence-In-Teaching Award and by the larger University community when he was presented with the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award. Nordenberg served as interim provost and senior vice chancellor for academic affairs from 1993 to 1994. He became a Distinguished Service Professor in 1994 and served in this capacity for one year when the University’s Board of Trustees elected him interim chancellor. In 1996, Nordenberg became the 17th University Chancellor.