University Scholarship

The Nordenberg University Chair

The Nordenberg University Chair was created in 2005 to mark the tenth anniversary of Nordenberg’s service in that office. It was funded with $2.5 million in personal contributions from trustees, alumni leaders, and other donors. At the time of its creation, late Chief Justice of Pennsylvania Ralph J. Cappy, then the chair of the Pitt Board of Trustees, stated: “This endowed chair indicates the extraordinary esteem in which we hold Mark Nordenberg, not only as an individual and as a leader who has brought the University to an unprecedented level of success, but also as a true academic at heart. And for a person who is a true academic, the highest honor one can bestow is to endow a faculty chair in his or her name in perpetuity.”

Ronald A. Brand, professor of law and founding director of the Center for International Legal Education in the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, currently holds the Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg University Chair. He succeeded the inaugural chair holder, Alberta M. Sbragia, who relinquished the Chair when she became Pitt’s vice provost for graduate studies.