School of Social Work

Philip Hallen Chair in Community Health and Social Justice

John M. Wallace, Jr., PhDThe Philip Hallen Chair in Community Health and Social Justice was endowed with a $1.5 million grant from the Maurice Falk Medical Fund in honor of Phil Hallen, who, as president of the fund, developed a set of guiding priorities that embraced a goal of achieving a just and inclusive society. 

In 2009, John M. Wallace Jr., PhD, a professor and principal investigator on the University of Pittsburgh Center on Race and Social Problems’ Comm-Univer-City of Pittsburgh Project, was appointed the holder of the Hallen Chair. Wallace has dedicated himself to improving the quality of life of inner city youth and works to improve the education, health, and social and physical well-being of the children of Homewood. The project also is expected to provide rich avenues for his research, which includes projects that seek to reduce youth violence, an ongoing national study of drug use among American youth, a study of how violence adversely impacts church attendance, gender and racial disparities in school discipline, racial and ethnic disparities in substance abuse, and smoking among young adolescent girls.