The campaign reached its $2 billion goal more than a year ahead of schedule and was the largest and most successful fundraising initiative in the history of Western Pennsylvania.

189,000+ Investors in Pitt's Future

More than 189,000 donors made an investment in the future of the University of Pittsburgh by generously supporting its students, faculty, and programs.

88,000+ Alumni Champions

More than 88,000 Pitt alumni played a very special role in the success of this fundraising campaign as generous contributors, dedicated volunteers, and by inspiring confidence in the University through their own personal and professional accomplishments.

$237,000,000+ For Students

Donors commitment to building better lives provided Pitt students with nearly $250 million in financial support.

629 Perpetual Scholarships and Fellowships

Donors established 629 new endowed scholarships and fellowships, creating a permanent source of funds for attracting and supporting top students.

$1,000,000 or More

293 donors contributed $1 million or more, 90 of whom had never made a past gift of any size to Pitt.

1,631 New Endowments Created

Annual Income distributions from the endowment have increased from $18 million at the beginning of the campaign to $113 million on June 30, 2013.

More than 50% Invested From Afar

More than half of the total amount raised — $1.106 billion — came from donors outside of Pennsylvania, which shows that Pitt is a powerful magnet for attracting funds into the Commonwealth and our region.

Campaign Total

Source of Funds

Immeasurable Significance

Thousands upon thousands of people and organizations in the region, the nation, and the world view the University of Pittsburgh — its people, programs, aspirations, and mission — as a worthy and smart investment. The impact of their generosity across time cannot be measured and will continue to benefit the lives of others for generations to come.