Lantern Society

The Lantern Society ($25,000 to $49,999) is named for the annual Lantern Night Ceremony, which serves as a formal induction for freshman women by distinguished alumnae into University life. Initiated in 1921, it is one of the University's longest standing traditions.

Membership in the Lantern Society honors those who have given $25,000 to $49,999 in a fiscal year.


lighting of the lanterns


2016 Lantern Society Honor Roll

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these records, we encourage our readers to alert the Office of Institutional Advancement of any errors or omissions by calling 412-624-5800 or by e-mailing

Please note that "+" denotes that a donor is being honored posthumously and names in bold indicate that a donor is a member of the Pitt Alumni Association. We also extend special thanks to those corporations that provided matching gifts to increase the support provided by donors indicated with an *.

Anonymous (21)

Jane K. Allison & Christian Allison

Vickie Shaw Anderson

Maureen Puskar and Angelo Baiocchi

Joy H. Baxt & Leonard Jacob Baxt

Thomas G. Bigley, Trustee & Joan Bigley*

Charles F. Bleil & Mary T. Zeis*

Suzy Broadhurst, Trustee & Jim Broadhurst

Kathryn Freese Bryson & Michael Allan Bryson, Trustee*

+George W. Causey

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Chen

Wen-Ta Chiu, DrPH

Linda W. Clark & G. Reynolds Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Crawford

Vincent C. & Rita S. Deluzio

+Claire Ledoux Derringer

Herbert Dodell

Michael A. Fay, DMD

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy O. Fisher

Seymour Flug

Gary W. Frazier

Frank B. Fuhrer Jr.

Pamela D. Garzone, Ph.D.

Stephen L. Gaustad

Peter & Lisa Germain

Russellyn S. Carruth & Bernard D. Goldstein, M.D.

Leah Green

Anita P. Courcoulas and Ira J. Gumberg, Trustee

Kathleen Celko Guyaux & Joseph Clinton Guyaux

Mr. & Mrs. F. Robert Hall

+Barry C. Harris, MD

Robert J. Henkel

Henry L. Hillman, Trustee & +Elsie H. Hillman*

William Talbott Hillman

Mark Christopher Hofmann

Richard R. Johnson

Reneé T. Juhl, Pharm.D. & Randy P. Juhl, Ph. D.

Estate of Allison Uhl Kelley

James Vachon Kunkel, M.D.

Howard N. Lang MD & Carol E. Lang MS CCE

Arthur S. Levine, M.D. & Linda S. Melada

Rodger Bryson Lindh

Dr. & Mrs. Edgardo Lob

Ms. Roberta Ann Luxbacher, Trustee & Mr.  Steve Alaniz*

Stanley M. Marks, M.D.

Sheldon Marstine

Gerald E. McGinnis

Jerrod N. Menz

Mr. & Mrs. Max H. Mitchell*

Thomas W. Nichols Jr.

Joseph Novogratz

Mr. & Ms. Robert Nutting

Dr. & Mrs. David L. Obley

Tom W. Olofson

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Anthony Duca

Timothy D. Pecsenye

The Honorable Alan Penkower & Lilli Penkower, PhD

Calvin O. Peterka

Dr. Beth H. Piraino & Mr. Paul M. Piraino

Dr. Roland Thomas Ramsay

Mona and Bob Riordan

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Romoff

Mr. & Mrs. David Rowan

Claire Brackmann Saalbach

Dr. Richard L. Simmons & Dr. Rosa L. Pinkus

Sheryl Simon

Sandy Gerson Snyder

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Spielvogle

Susan G. Stewart

Jack & Mary Grace Tighe*

+Wayne R. Van Thof

Bonnie & Tom Vankirk, Trustee

Dr. Michael D. Voloshin & Dr. Denise K. Voloshin

Nancy D. Washington, PhD

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher John Weiler

Dr. Marna C. Whittington & Mr. Thomas D. Whittington Jr.

Sam S. Zacharias, Trustee

William B. Zeiler, MD