Brackenridge Circle

Brackenridge Circle graphicNamed for Pitt founder Hugh Henry Brackenridge, the Brackenridge Circle was established in 2010 to honor the inspiring generosity and vision of donors whose planned gifts and pledges to the University total $1 million or more. Planned gifts are made by individuals who have included the University in their estate plans through bequest pledges, by naming the University as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, or by establishing charitable trusts and gift annuities.

2017 Brackenridge Circle Honor Roll

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these records, we encourage our readers to alert the Office of Institutional Advancement of any errors or omissions by calling 412-624-5800 or by e-mailing

Please note that "+" denotes that a donor is being honored posthumously.

Anonymous (39)

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Archer

+Lauren H. Ashe

+George J. Barco

+Yolanda G. Barco

J. David Barnes, Trustee & +Suzanne R. Barnes

Dr. Rita M. Bean & Dr. R. Tony Eichelberger

Mrs. Marla Behrman & +Dr. Stanley J. Behrman

+Edith Berarducci

+David Berg

+George Means Bevier & +Eva M. Bevier

+Edward J. Bigos

+Betty Howard Brenneman & +David E. Brenneman

Paul R. Bridges & Ann T. Bridges

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Brown

+Glen F. Brown

L. Keith Brown, PhD & +Ruth A. Brown

+Fred C. Bruhns, PhD & E. Maxine Bruhns

+Thomas E. Cadman, MD

James T. Cain & Jacquelyn S. Cain

Bonita Ann Caputo

Harvey S. Cohen, CPA, MBA

+Trustee J. W. Connolly & +Shirley Connolly

+Carroll H. “Beano” Cook

Kevin Corcoran, PhD, JD

+Dr. John P. and Constance A. Curran

Mildred Danch

Rebecca K. Dean, PhD

Drs. Constance A. & Clarence J. Denne

Dr. Ellen G. Detlefsen & Dr. Charles F. Reynolds III

+William S. Dietrich II

+John F. Donahue & +Rhodora J. Donahue

James J. Duratz & +Helene Barco Duratz

Daniel I. Edelstone, MD & +Susan Edelstone

George P. Evans, PhD and Susan I. Evans

Mr. William H. Ferguson

+Dr. Edward J. Fisher Sr. & +Vivian M. Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Fox

Hilda Pang Fu & Dr. Freddie Fu

+Ruth P. Gerber

+Anthony E. Gill

Deborah Jeanne Gillotti, Trustee & Joseph P. Gillotti III

Drs. Renée K. & Richard M. Goldman

+David Goodman, MD

+Elizabeth Graf, PhD

+Sarah F. Graf

+Mrs. May M. Gregg & +Mr. Richard F. Gregg

Kenneth J. Havran, PhD & Geraldine K. Havran

Theresa Smotryski Heaton & Joshua Heaton

Carol Tsu Ho & +Monto Ho

Dr. R. Donald Hoffman

Andrew J. Jarabak & Beverly T. Jarabak

+Frank E. Jeffreys, DDS & +Dorothy T. Jeffreys

LaVonne Corley Johnson & +Glen Johnson

Richard S. Johnson

Ruth R. Jurenko & +John A. Jurenko

+Joseph M. Katz

+Virginia Kaufman

James E. Kopelman and Eileen P. Kopelman

+Doris Joan Koslow & +Joseph Koslow

+Joseph C. Lang, Jr. and +Martha P. Lang

Frank & Daphna Lederman

Paul E. Lego, Trustee & Ann Sepety Lego

+Mr. Edgar L. Levenson

+David J. Levidow

Mrs. Clara Li & +Dr. C.C. Li

Karen R. Lines, Esquire

Roberta A. Luxbacher, Trustee & Steve Alaniz

Lucine O'Brien Marous & +John Charles Marous Jr., Trustee

John C. Mascaro & Darlene D. Mascaro

+Norman G. Mathieson, MD

The Honorable Samuel A. McCullough & Katharine G. McCullough

Gene R. McGrevin & Carol Z. McGrevin, PhD

+Thomas H. McIntosh

Nancy Mickle & +Marlin H. Mickle, PhD

+Harbaugh Miller

+Mrs. Margaret S. Miller & +Mr. Russell P. Miller

John R. Musulin & Marsha M. Musulin

Virginia Stewart Nicklas

Jack H. Olender, Esquire

Josephine E. Olson, PhD

+Leighton E. Orr & +Margaret W. Orr

Vivian Visco Patterson-Stiles

+Wayne Eugene Patterson

Wesley Pickard & Jeanette Studley

Beth H. Piraino, MD & Paul M. Piraino

+Carl F. Poke, PhD

+Harold W. Posner, DDS & +Mrs. Ilse Falk Posner

Marilyn Blair Rex

+Paul M. Rike, MD & +Hazel Mae Snyder Rike

+The Honorable J. Quint Salmon & +Mrs. Anne Salmon

Jeffrey L. Senick & Jane M. Senick

+Elva S. Smith

+Robert M. Smith & +Eunice B. Smith

+Pearl Snyder

William Spevak & Eileen Cosharek Spevak

John A. Swanson, PhD, Trustee & Janet L. Swanson

+Keith Timlin

Gayle L. Tissue & Yiannis G. Kaloyeropoulos

Steve Tritch, Trustee & Tami Tritch

+Horace M. Umberger

Bonnie & Tom VanKirk

Bethann Vanscoy & Gordon J. Vanscoy, PharmD, MBA, CACP

Marlene P. Neidhardt Wass & William E. Wass

Leo B. Wegemer & Teresa Y. Wegemer

Douglas Reid Weimer, Esquire

Fred F. Weingruber

+James Robert West, PhD

Debi Wheeler

Harold W. Wheeler III

Margaret & James Wilkes

Donald S. Wood