EngagePitt™ Crowdfunding Process, Guidelines, and Applications

Thank you for your interest in using EngagePitt™. The following Process outlines the various steps that your Project Team must complete in order to undertake a crowdfunding campaign on the EngagePitt™ Web site. 

For more information, visit the engage.pitt.edu Web site or e-mail us at engage@pitt.edu.

EngagePitt™ Campaign Process

1.  Review the GUIDELINES to help determine if your project is suitable for an EngagePitt™ crowdfunding campaign. If you would like help in determining whether or not your project is suitable for an EngagePittcrowdfunding campaign, please e-mail us at engage@pitt.edu.

2.  Review the EngagePitt™ TRAINING GUIDE to learn more about how to create your project team, plan your campaign, and execute your plan.

3.  Complete and submit the EngagePitt™ APPLICATIONProvide as many details as possible, and remember that Institutional Advancement staff will use the information you submit to determine if your potential campaign is a good fit for crowdfunding. Be prepared to clarify your answers and/or provide additional information if requested by IA staff.

4.  Once your application is approved, watch the EngagePitt™ training webinar. The webinar will teach you how to conduct your campaign, including helping you develop your EngagePitt™ campaign Web page, identifying prospective donors, and promoting your campaign via e-mail and social media.

5.  Build your EngagePitt™ crowdfunding Web page. Three to five weeks prior to your anticipated launch date, submit all necessary information for your campaign page, including description, timeline, and budget; communication plan (messaging, photos, videos, and Web site and social media channels); and final approvals and documentation of approvals.

6.  Launch your EngagePitt™ crowdfunding campaign!