EngagePitt™ Crowdfunding Process, Guidelines, and Applications

Thank you for your interest in using EngagePitt™.  The following Process outlines the various steps that your Project Team must complete in order to undertake a crowdfunding campaign on the EngagePitt™ Web site. 

For more information, visit the engage.pitt.edu Web site or e-mail us at engage@pitt.edu.

EngagePitt™ Campaign Process

1.  Review the GUIDELINES to help determine if your project is suitable for an EngagePitt™ crowdfunding campaign. If you would like help in determining whether or not your project is suitable for an EngagePittcrowdfunding campaign, please e-mail us at engage@pitt.edu.

2.  Complete an  EngagePitt™ PROJECT QUESTIONNAIRE and submit it to engage@pitt.edu. We will contact you to discuss your campaign and schedule a preliminary meeting.

3.  Attend a preliminary meeting to discuss project suitability, goals, and expectations. We’ll work with you to ensure your project meets the EngagePitt™ guidelines. Please come prepared with as much of the following information that you can provide:

Project Description, Timeline, and Budget

List of Project Team Members and Prospective Donors

Communication Plan, including messaging, photos, videos, Web site, and social media channels

4.  Complete and submit the appropriate EngagePitt™ Application (see list below). After we’ve determined that your project meets the EngagePitt™ GUIDELINES, we’ll guide you through the application process  Once your application is submitted, our Intake Team (which meets every 2nd Thursday of the month) will review your application to be sure it is ready to be submitted for final approval. Please fill out all fields completely, receive the appropriate signatures, and email it to Engage@pitt.edu or deliver/mail it to Office of Institutional Advancement, 128 Park Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

RESEARCH PROJECT APPLICATION (for faculty research projects)

STUDENT GROUP APPLICATION (for student group projects)

OTHER APPLICATION (for all other types of applications)

Note:  Applications should not be completed or submitted until after you have met with the EngagePitt™ representatives.

5.  Once your application is approved, attend EngagePitt™ training. We will teach you how to conduct your campaign, including helping you develop your EngagePitt™ campaign Web page, identifying prospective donors, and promoting your campaign via e-mail and social media.

6.  Build your EngagePitt™ crowdfunding campaign Web page. Three to five weeks prior to your anticipated launch date, submit all necessary information for your campaign page, including description, timeline, and budget; communication plan (messaging, photos, videos, and Web site and social media channels); and final approvals and documentation of approvals. 

7.  Launch your EngagePitt™ crowdfunding campaign!