Chancellor's Circle Update, May 2018

Chancellor's Circle October Newsletter

When You Say Luddy and Barbara Hayden, People Smile
Barbara and Luddy Hayden

The Haydens were leaders in the African American movement at Pitt and are now community leaders and role models in philanthropy. Their endowed gift means the couple’s long history with Pitt will extend well beyond their lifetimes. READ MORE.

First-Generation American Finds Path to PhD Paved With Scholarships
Juan Reyes

His parents never graduated high school, yet Juan is fulfilling his and their dreams by earning his PhD from Pitt, thanks to generous donors. READ MORE.


Scholarship Helps Pitt Students and At-Risk Youth
Tom Slone

Mentors helped make Tom Slone the international business leader he is today. Looking ahead, he hopes his scholarship will create new mentors for the next generation. So far, it’s been a success. READ MORE.

From Chancellor’s Circle Chair Emil Spadafore

The path to Pitt is different for all of us, and this edition explores a few winding roads to success. READ MORE.

Former Pitt Instructor Encourages Archival Research through Giving

Georgia Holmberg and her husband James thought of the Hillman Library as their second home, so that is where she has focused her philanthropic support. READ MORE.

Updates to Recent Chancellor’s Circle Stories

Additional gifts by Les Snyder III, a new job for Macy Divens, and “donation” defined for gifts to Athletics. READ MORE.

New Heinz Chapel Garden Enables You to Create a Permanent Legacy

Your gift to the garden will preserve the Chapel in perpetuity and could be acknowledged by engraving your name on a sandstone paver. READ MORE.

Dinner Honors Donors Who Have Endowed Scholarship Funds

Enjoy a gallery of photos from this year’s Charles Avery Dinner. READ MORE.

Two Simple Tips to Avoid Taxes while Helping Students

Giving appreciated assets is a great way to create opportunities for Pitt students today while potentially lowering your tax burden. READ MORE.

Mark Your Calendar

Thursday, June 7, 2018 Pitt Networking Day: More than 70 Pitt Clubs around the world will host gatherings for Pitt alumni to connect. Attend the event nearest you. LEARN MORE.

Monday, June 21, 2018 Pitt✦Stops: Join Maxine Bruhns, the director of Pitt’s renowned Nationality Classrooms for more than 50 years, for a tour of the classrooms as she shares her unrivaled knowledge of the secrets of the Cathedral of Learning and its famed classrooms. Following the tour, lunch will be served at the University Club and entertainment will be provided by dancers from the Philippine-American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh. LEARN MORE.

Friday, July 13, 2018 | The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence: “1st Step—Mechanics of Starting a Small Business.” Learn about market size, marketing tools, funding options, and what you need to formally establish a business. LEARN MORE.