From Chancellor’s Circle Chair Emil Spadafore

Fellow Chancellor’s Circle Donors and Friends,

With the Holiday Season in full swing, now is a great time to say “thank you” and one of the best ways is to offer you our annual Honor Roll of Donors. Scan for your name and look for your friends. Please also enjoy our Homecoming picture galleries, including a short video of Chancellor Patrick Gallagher saying thanks to you at our exclusive Chancellor's Circle reception.

Something else that is in full swing is the 2018-19 basketball season. There is a buzz on campus as we welcome new coaches for both the men’s and women’s programs. Athletic Director Heather Lyke is expecting great things from them, and to make sure they can live up to their fullest potential, she has relaunched the Basketball Championship Fund, which will help give the teams what they need to successfully compete in the tough Atlantic Coast Conference. Learn more about the Fund and some of its early supporters.

Every good team needs its cheerleaders and I want to introduce Franklin Blackstone, who has been a life-long cheerleader for Pitt, both literally and figuratively. It is clear Franklin is in for the long haul with Pitt and so are some of our supporters of The Pitt Fund, which offers the University the funding flexibility to address immediate and critical needs. In this issue we highlight a few individuals who have made The Pitt Fund a giving priority for, in some cases, twice as long as our current undergraduate students have been alive!

Also in this issue of the Chancellor's Circle Update, we introduce you to Lucile Adams-Campbell and Thomas Campbell. The story of how they came to Pitt is unique, and despite each holding degrees from two other universities, they have made the University of Pittsburgh one of their philanthropic priorities.

Happy Holidays and Hail to Pitt!                                    

Emil M. Spadafore, Jr., Esquire (A&S ’71)
Chancellor’s Circle Chair

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