Where To Give

The Pitt Fund ensures that the University remains accessible and affordable to its students. 

The Pitt Fund supports a broad range of educational programs, including pioneering research in science, technology, and medicine.

The Pitt Fund helps Pitt drive economic development, create jobs, and support our local community.


Students Leaving the Cathedral

 Providing financial support to students whose ability and ambition exceed their financial means is the University of Pittsburgh’s top priority.

Scholarship Support For Students

The General Scholarship Fund is an ideal way for donors, who make gifts of any size, to help ensure the continued success of the University and its students.  These funds enable Pitt to provide much-needed tuition assistance to the high-achievers, who elevate the University with their exceptional academic performance as students and the remarkable contributions they make as alumni. MAKE A GIFT TO THE GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND

Endowed Scholarship Funds allow major gift donors to establish named scholarship funds that will exist in perpetuity and provide permanent support for students within a particular area or for a specific purpose.   Minimum endowment levels guarantee that sufficient income will be available to fulfill the donor’s specific intentions.  Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 412-624-5800 for more information about establishing an endowed scholarhship fund.

School-Based Support

 Friends and alumni may also provide financial support a particular school, university center, or regional campus.  Our deans, directors, and regional campus presidents use these funds to assist students and faculty and support key programs.  Choose a school, center, or other area to support from the column at right.