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The School of Pharmacy is providing innovators and discoveries that solve complex medication-based problems of today and tomorrow. The innovators are our people—our students, our alumni, and our faculty and staff.

We are innovators who are:

  • Discovering new drug entities 
  • Developing new drug delivery systems 
  • Identifying ever more effective ways for pharmacists to deliver patient care 
  • Defining the future of pharmacy education 

We are personalizing the education of our students in all programs by:

  • Helping each student find their niche in the expansive environment that is health care
  • Engaging students in learning experiences that accelerate their professional growth
  • Preparing students to innovate, to lead, and to improve health
  • Developing programs designed to help students “get to expert faster"

We are improving the health of the people where we live and work by:

  • Preventing the misuse and abuse of medications
  • Providing pharmacy care for the medically underserved
  • Creating new pharmacy care delivery systems, particularly in the community
  • Providing expertise and care in the acute-care setting that maximizes value and benefit from medications

The School of Pharmacy has more than 500 students enrolled in its curricular programs, which include the Doctor of Pharmacy, MS and PhD programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the MS in Pharmacy Business Administration.

Contributions to the School of Pharmacy have increased student scholarship awards, support for research, and endowments to support faculty. Your gifts have also created opportunities for construction and renovation. 

Giving Priorities

Dean’s Message


“The faculty, staff, and administration provide an environment that encourages individual accomplishment for every member of our School community.

Support from alumni and friends enables the School of Pharmacy to continually forge new paths in managing therapeutic interventions and pharmaceutical discovery.”

- Patricia Dowley Kroboth, Dean
Gordon J. Vanscoy Distinguished Service Professor



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June D. Stine     
Director of Development
School of Pharmacy
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